Andy Grant is a Los Angeles based Photographer - Creative Director - Art Director - Storyteller.


I have been taking photographs since I was 14 years old when my parents bought me my first camera, a Russian Zenit. Since then I have always seen the world in pictures. When I got my first image published in the local newspaper at 15 years old I realized that I could use my gift to tell stories and that those stories through images could be shared.

After graduating from high school I discovered Advertising. I realized it was a commercial art form that allowed me to be conceptual and tell stories in many different forms and mediums at scale! I realized the power of Advertising and how it has the ability to shape perceptions and ideas about people, brands and culture. I spent 3 years studying Art Direction & Graphic Design and then jumped head first into this world.

This industry has given me some of the most incredible experiences in my life and has allowed me to travel and live all over the world. From South Africa to Prague to Singapore to Hong Kong to London to New York and LA.

I have created and helped shape and shift some of the biggest brands in the world with my ideas. From helping Turkish Airlines relaunch their brand globally with a campaign and viral film that is now the most watched online film in history (150 million views) to creating and putting on a 25 000 people concert in the Bronx for JLO and State Farm. I have always looked to use my ideas for good and to shape and provide people with true and memorable experiences that really add value to their lives. If done correctly Advertising has the power to shape culture and influence people for good. This has been my goal ever since I joined this industry.

Today I use both Advertising and Photography to tell stories about people and things that matter. I am a storyteller at heart with the experience of understating people and what motivates them and how to use ideas and strategy to influence behavior and brands.


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